Nudigift Launching September 2016

Nudigift is our Gift Management service which makes it easy for both business owners and customers to use.
Look out for it in London, Singapore and Australia.

Nudigift Key Benefits

  • Simple

    Just take the order, process the payment, use Nudigift to do the rest.

  • Get paid in advance

    Once you've processed the payment, the money's already in the bank - perfect!

  • No tracking

    Nudigift takes care of all the back office work - you have access to all KPI's and reports.

  • No discounting

    Gift customers are 2.5 times more likely to pay full price, with 60% paying more.

Investors & Licensee Inquiries

Yes, from time to time there are opportunities to invest in Nudipay.
If you want to bring Nudipay to your country or region, let us know asap as things are heating up fast.